We are a community of priestesses, initiated in the ancient African spiritual practices of the Yoruba tradition, raised in the esoterics and philosophical thought of our diasporic cultural diversity, and committed to educating and addressing the multi faceted spiritual needs of our global community.
We educate and guide people on their unique introspective journey to cultivate spiritual power by connecting them with the diverse spiritual resources and historical healing practices of their vast ancestral lineages and spirit guides.
Our distinct method of integrating traditional spiritual work with introspective practices is profoundly effective in mastering ones relationship with The Self and transforming the challenges of modern day life into opportunities for awakening higher consciousness.

We are committed to building community!

We have a strong and diverse group of community partnerships that assist us in providing holistic health and wellness practices online and in person across the tristate area. Subscribe to stay updated with local educational and cultural events.

My name is Mama Nana Yaa.

I love Ile Yemoja Achaba! My experience with this Ile over the last 2 years has been that of phenomenal growth, support, healing and transformation. The ile has so much to offer. Iya Keturah initially helped me to establish an altar to my ancestors and have interactive conversations with them through the medium of divination. Because this process can be rather intense she developed a class to better be able to get clear responses from the ancestors and to further interpret what they are trying to tell us. From that class I began doing the introspective work called "Living In Power". This work is truly life changing and empowering! Through the process of learning about myself as a whole commuity instead of a singular being, I discovered different parts of my Self which we call "members" that are responsible for my thoughts, feelings, actions and even re-actions. I realized through obtaining a greater understanding of my "members" that I really am the master of my own destiny and I can create life as I want it to be or I can sabotage my own well being and happiness. This is truly the answer to life for me. 

As I continue with my spiritual journey, I feel blessed to be a partner and ally with Iya and all of the other priests in the Ile. These are very talented women with a wealth of skills and gifts they hold ready to offer the community. Your healing could be just around the corner if this is the path for you. Allow Spirit to lead you! Ase 🙏🏽

My name is Damon.

It was shortly after I had a series of challenging life circumstances, some by choice and some by unconscious choosing, that I began to re engage in my spiritual work, after a long break from my spiritual community. I trusted

Iya Keturah to work with me on several complex personal matters. As an individual committed to my own process for spiritual growth, I felt it was time to add some new things to develop my practice. I knew I could only digest information from a genuine teacher. Iya Keturah is an intuitive, skilled and dedicated teacher. She was patient and understanding with my process and allowed us to work together at my pace while supporting my growth. I highly recommend the classes at the Stay In Power School.

My name is Kyana.

In the pursuit of being my best self, I am fortunate to have access to these amazing spiritual tools. I am now more self aware, after learning how to identify the members in my community of self, and recognizing their behaviors and motivations. I’ve been introduced Ìfá and to ORI work, including cleansing, feeding, and honoring my Godhood, which has absolutely added to my self love practices. Having my ORI needs and wants addressed, and learning that I am a child of Esu has given me greater understanding of the many mysterious and phenomenal events of my life. Taking Healing Science Class, and getting an understanding of 7 universal laws in the Kyballion Class has truly caused me to think in a completely different way about how things work. From obtaining my Numerology Manual to taking the Self Mastery though Divination Class, I now have so much good information, and tools to get my questions asked. I am now so confident in my spiritual path, and the pursuit of Living in my power, as I actualize my true destiny and highest calling.

Alaafia, I am Iya Keturah!

Head of the Stay In Power School and Lead Priest of Ile Yemoja Achaba Obara Meji

My traditional name is Iya Omisayade-Osunremimo, I was initiated in the United States to Yemoja in 1999 and then to Osun Logun in Lagos Nigeria 2010. I am a "daughter of two waters." I am a Grand Mambo in the Afro-Caribbean traditions of Sanci-Voldoun and a Yaya Nkisi in Palo Kimbiza (Bakongo) from the Congo region of Africa. I was honored with a chieftaincy title from the Association of Olosun of Lagos State, Nigeria, and became a member of the Ogboni Aborigine Fraternity to honor my community lineage there Iledi Montunrayo. I am became an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church since 2014. I have over 20 years of service as an Apetibi of Ifa for Ile Odun Ala of Westbury NY and a lifetime commitment to esoterics and preserving the mysticism of traditional African spiritual culture. It is my mission to direct people to spiritual freedom, through self mastery, self sufficiency, self reliance and personal power.